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The Tortoise Never Actually Wins: Debunking the Diet Industry’s “Slow and Steady” Approach

The mainstream dieting industry continues to push the “Eat less, exercise more” mantra. Meanwhile, American dieters attempt 5 diets per year, and 95% of them ultimately fail, according to one study.

The slow and steady approach can be effective, but it is primarily an oversimplified solution to a complex problem.

Brian Flatt, owner of R.E.V Fitness and creator of The 2 Week Diet, suggests that truly effective solutions must account for recent findings on the interplay of hormones and calories, cellular inflammation, and the complex psychology of weight loss.

“The key to weight loss is not counting calories — this should be evident by the obesity problem we have here in the U.S. Losing weight has much more to do with eliminating bad calories while increasing good calories, using a strategic system that accounts for how the body’s hormones process nutrients,” he proposes.

“In other words, failure to lose weight in the past has not been your fault. Instead, you have not been given the correct weight loss system.”

Cellular inflammation, a little-known and even less understood problem, is actually a leading cause of weight gain.

Flat echoes recent studies from Harvard Medical School, “Control of cellular inflammation can effectively increase our ability to lose weight, burn fat, increase metabolism, and keep body fat from returning.” Put simply, managing cellular inflammation leads to a healthier and longer life.

The vast majority of current dieting techniques neglect the psychological forces surrounds dieting attempts, which often make or break a diet’s success.

With his thousands of his clients in mind, Flatt remarks, “Again and again it’s been shown that strict, hard-to-follow plans simply don’t work. The same goes for diets that don’t produce immediate results.”

The 2 Weeks Diet does away with the “Eat less, exercise more” paradigm for good. Instead, dieters eat essential nutrients that the body needs for good health and proper functioning, while eliminating nutrients that slow or even prevent fat-burning.

The program also utilizes several supplements that, in combination with the diet, help users recruit body fat to be burned for fuel, thereby maintaining their lean body mass, and raising their metabolism.

Flatt promises, “In the first week alone, your clothes will be looser, you will feel lighter and you’ll feel 10 times better.”

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