New Study Says Pizza Can Actually HELP You Lose Weight?

Who doesn’t love pizza? Well now you can have a reason to eat even more!

Ok so maybe the title is a little misleading but keep reading and you’ll see why you can eat not only pizza but whatever you want and still lose weight. A recent study by Men’s Health had two groups of participants who were only allowed the same amount of calories per week. However, one group was allowed to eat whatever they wanted on Sunday. At the end of two weeks while neither group had significant weight loss, the group that had the opportunity to indulge on Sundays were more willing to continue their diet to accomplish their weight loss goals.

So really, you can eat pizza, ice cream, or those Oreos we all love. The key is, to allow your self one “cheat” day. Think of it more as a “reward” day, for all your hard work and discipline throughout the week.

If you want to see a man who DID lose weight from eating just pizza (to the tune of over 100 pounds in 7 months) watch the video below.

Pasquale gained over 300 hundred pounds in just a few years after moving to America from Italy. The doctor told him he was at risk of heart attack. He thought of his child and the fear of not being around to see him growing up. He went back to his roots and chose something he knew and loved that he could enjoy eating everyday…PIZZA. He only ate pizza for 7 months and has lost over 100 pounds. Check him out below.

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