Female Body Fat Percentage Chart

Curious about your body fat percentage?

Good news! I have you covered, but to be accurate you should use both charts below. The first chart includes height and weight. The second chart will give you more of a general body fat percentage range for women based on age group.

Step 1: Find your height on the left side of the chart below. Next, match your weight on the top of the chart with your corresponding height. The number where your height and weight meet is an estimate of your body fat percentage. The color tells you what category you fall into based on your weight. After you have your body fat percentage estimate go to step two.

body fat percentage chart


Step 2: Now that you know your body fat percentage, you can use the chart below to find the ideal range for your age.

For example, if you’re body fat percentage was 31% and you were 28 years of age, you would fall into the healthy range (green).

ideal body

What’s your body fat percentage?

What category do you fall into?